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About Us

Welcome to A'OLA LUX, a woman owned business, where luxury meets indulgence. Established in the vibrant heart of NYC in 2021 by our visionary founder, Sherifat Famosa, A'OLA LUX is more than just a brand – it's an invitation to experience opulence in every moment.

Our mission is to evoke a sense of richness, take you on a sensory adventure, and provide the ultimate mood experience through our exquisite range of products. A'OLA LUX proudly offers a curated collection of luxury candles, bath & body products, and high-quality fine fragrances that redefine modern luxury with a fresh perspective.

At A'OLA LUX, we design our products with meticulous attention to detail, using top-quality materials and incorporating high-end design elements. Each item is crafted to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that every purchase is a symbol of indulgence and sophistication. All our products are handmade.